Thu, 08 Jul 2010

Messi, Lampard at Your Door?

MALAYSIA - "Mak! Dua Mat Salleh!" yelled the girl to her mother when she opened the door at home to see two men standing outside. 

The two were not just any Mat Salleh, they are famous football players - Argentina's Lionel Messi and England's Frank Lampard. 

That line by the girl, played by Putry Kaelly Nurhajar, has been widely quoted, punned, and bandied around since the advertisement was aired on Astro in conjunction with the 2010 Fifa World Cup. 

Like it or loathe it, the advertisement, featuring two of the most famous football players in the world, made quite an impression among viewers. 

There were those who wondered whether the two flew all the way to Malaysia to shoot the ad. When were they here? Or were they not? Were they superimposed on screen? 

Was it even them? Very much so, said Astro's network presentation assistant vice-president Ken Kam. 

But they were not physically present in Malaysia. They were filmed separately in London and Barcelona, and later edited into the local segment, which was filmed in the Astro studio. 

He said the "Dua Mat Salleh" advertisement was about "bringing international players to the people's doorstep". 

"The decisions on the storyline, concept, production house, player selection and flight arrangements were all made within a week. 

"Time was of the essence. We had to work round the clock to accommodate the players' busy schedules," said Kam. 

Both Messi and Lampard were chosen due to their recent achievements, with Messi being voted Fifa's World Footballer of the Year and Lampard being the star midfielder for football club Chelsea, the English Premier League champions this year. 

The shooting took place in Barcelona and London between April 8 and 23 before the production team headed back to the Astro studio. 

(Extracted from New Straits Time, full article is available 

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