Tue, 12 Feb 2008

"EXPATRIATE" Magazine Cover Story : Celcom Announces New Line up of Power Icons

MALAYSIA - EPL superstar, John Terry, named as the newest brand ambassador

Once again proving its stand as being the most powerful telco in the market, Celcom (Malaysia) Berhad officially announced its new line up of Power Icons today, which now includes international football giant, John Terry, the captain of both the Chelsea football club in the EPL and the England national football team.

Terry is the second EPL superstar this year to sign up as a brand ambassador for Celcom, in addition to Ryan Giggs, who recently renewed his contract as a Celcom Power Icon. Giggs is the most decorated football player with the most number of medals and is known as a natural left footer with great dribbling skills which terrorises the defence.

Dato' Sri Shazalli Ramly, Chief Executive Officer of Celcom (Malaysia) Berhad said, "This year we have introduced a new Power Icon line-up and selected the right players who covered representative fan
bases in Malaysia. This explains why we appointed players such as Ryan Giggs and John Terry, who play for two of the most popular football clubs in Malaysia, which are Manchester United and Chelsea, respectively." We have seen the positive effect the past 'Power Icon' campaign has had on our overall brand image, and now we are moving forward by appointing accomplished players like John Terry and
Ryan Giggs. Their accomplishments as football players speak volumes about them as individuals – powerful football players who exude confidence and charisma. These are the qualities we look for in a Power Icon, a personality who can best represent Celcom as a powerful brand," Dato' Sri Shazalli added.

Commenting on his new partnership with Celcom, John Terry said, "It's a great start to a relationship. The whole Celcom brand is very powerful, especially with the new 'unbeatable' slogan. When you think of the slogan, it sends a powerful message to everybody. It's the same with me; when I' on the pitch, I like to think I'm unbeatable. I have to have that confidence."

The new 'Power Icon' campaign, Terry and Giggs featured in a new TV commercial set in a 'Matrix-like
futuristic' city. The production included computer-generated imagery (CGI) and three-dimensional animation. The TV commercial was directed by Paul Morgan from a Manchester-based production
house, Equinox. In addition to the two football Power Icons, Celcom's other Power Icons include
Lee Hom and Peterpan, who were chosen based on their appeal to particular market segments – Lee Hom for the Chinese market and Peterpan for the urban Malay and Indonesian foreign worker market.

Celcom initially introduced its line up of football Power Icons last year in conjunction with the launch of
the 'Football Mad Nation' campaign. The original four football Power Icons were Steven Gerrard of Liverpool, Ryan Giggs of Manchester United, Michael Owen of Newcastle United and Robert Pires of Arsenal.

Celcom currently has 6.2 million customers and over 270,000 3G subscribers. It has the widest network of any mobile networkoperator in the country, covering 97 per cent of the country.

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