Thu, 18 May 2006

Hong Kong Goes "Soccer School" Crazy for Ole

HONG KONG - Manchester United legend Ole Gunnar Solskjaer flew to Hong Kong this week especially to show his support for the unveiling of the 3rd season of Manchester United Soccer Schools programs in Hong Kong.

At a press conference to announce the new course, starting in October 2006, Ole took the opportunity to talk to the media and to meet the fanatical public that had gathered to welcome one of their heroes.

Despite the official launch event being staged for the benefit of the world's media and a select number of VIP's, word soon spread in Hong Kong of Ole's presence. By the time he walked out on stage hundreds of Manchester United's loyal fans had gathered to sing the name of their idol and to catch a glimpse of a Reds legend.

The public's determination to see Ole was rewarded by an impromptu walkabout from the United player as he shook hands, signed autographs and posed for countless photos to give them a moment they would never forget.

The excitement amongst the crowd truly underlined how popular Manchester United and its players are in Asia and why the club continues to expand with projects such as the MUSS coaching program in Hong Kong.

After two highly successful seasons already in Hong Kong, Manchester United Soccer Schools will once again be returning later in the year to continue the development of the area's youth. With Ole flying in, as well as the presence on stage of Rene Meulensteen, United's Reserve Team Manger, the event was used as a platform to reinforce the club's dedication to providing coaching courses to aspiring young football players all over the world.

With the focus still on the individual progress of all players, regardless of ability, this year will see a new initiative with some selected players being invited to form the MUSS Development Squads.

Players will be given the chance to take a further step in their footballing development by taking part in sessions looking at patterns of play, tactics and how they integrate their own skills and techniques into the framework of a team. The highlight of this new project will be an unbelievable opportunity for one of the squads to travel to Manchester in 2007 and test their progress against international opposition.

With MUSS now offering courses in various locations around the world, reflecting the club's global presence, it was fitting that Ole, a Norweigan international, should be representing an English club in an Asian country.

Football has a great way of bringing together all nationalities, and the visit of Ole was aptly concluded, to the delight of the crowd, with Ole joining some of the lucky youngsters already enrolled on the MUSS course in a skills demonstration.

By the time Ole made his way through the excited crowd at the end of the day, still signing autographs and shaking hands, the MUSS course for 2006-07 had been given a launch to remember.

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