Tue, 25 Jan 2005

Ticket Lot Draw Announced for 2005 Carlsberg Cup

HONG KONG - The Hong Kong Football Association has today announced ticketing details for the 2005 Carlsberg Cup. Interest in the 2005 Carlsberg Cup is expected to reach a new height as it promises to be the year's most prominent football occasion, pitting the world's top ranked football nation Brazil versus the Hong Kong Representative Team. 

The 2005 Carlsberg Cup will kick off at 5:00pm on Wednesday, 9 February, at the Hong Kong Stadium. The lot draw for the 25,000 tickets up for public sale will begin at 8:00am on 26 January. The results of the draw will be announced on 28 January with the public ticket sale to be held on Sunday, 30 January. 
Mr Martin Hong, Chairman of the Hong Kong Football Association commented on the lot draw mechanism saying, "Following the precedent of other sporting events with tremendous ticket demand like the FIFA World Cup, the HKFA will arrange a ticket lot draw for the 2005 Carlsberg Cup to ensure the most equitable and easiest ticket distribution possible." 
Ticket Purchase Registration 
The 2005 Carlsberg Cup ticket lot draw will open for internet and telephone registration at 8:00am on Wednesday, 26 January. Registration will close at 11:00pm on the following day, 27 January. To register, interested parties should call the registration hotline: 1833022 or visit the online registrationsite, or hyperlink through the websites of Hong Kong Football Association and Carlsberg Hong Kong Ltd. Registrants are required to input their HK Identity Card Number, Date of Birth and Personal Phone Number. Each HKID Card Number can be entered for registration only once (internet registration or telephone registration). Completing the registration does not imply eligibility to purchase tickets. 
Computer Draw 
The lot draw will be conducted at random by computer after the close of the registration period, with a total of 6,250 lots will be drawn. An additional 1,000 lots will be named to a wait list, (wait listed applicants are not guaranteed purchase). 
Results Announcement 
The results of the lot draw will be announced online registration site, or hyperlink through the websites of Hong Kong Football Association and Carlsberg Hong Kong Ltd at 11:00pm on 28 January 2005. Information can also be obtained by calling 1833022 and the results will also be posted at the HKFA office, the Hong Kong Stadium and Mongkok Stadium. Each lot holder will be assigned a specific timeslot to determine the order of purchase. The allocated timeslot for purchasing tickets will be announced together with the result of the lot draw. 
Ticketing Details 
Lot holders will be given a specified time slot to purchase their tickets at the public sale at the Hong Kong Stadium on Sunday, 30 January, 2005. Each lot holder will be eligible to purchase up to a maximum FOUR (4) tickets each and they must be at the public ticket sale at the specified time in person. Latecomers will not be accepted. 
Ticket prices for this Hong Kong football classic have been set at $1500, $1200, $800, $500 and $150 (elderly and student concessionary tickets). All seats are marked and limited, which are sold when available. Following the expiration of all of the allocated time slots, any remaining tickets will continue to be sold to public on Tuesday, 1 February 2005. 
About the 2005 Carlsberg Cup 
The 2005 Carlsberg Cup will kick off at 5:00pm on the first day of the Lunar New Year, Wednesday, 9 February 2005, at the Hong Kong Stadium. Brazil's appearance in the 2005 Carlsberg Cup crowns the Brewer's 17th year of title sponsorship of the event and reinforces its global promotion of the world's most popular sport. 
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