Mon, 29 Jul 2013

Wenger - The Tour Has Been A Big Success

INDONESIA, JAPAN, VIETNAM - Arsene Wenger has hailed the success of the Asia tour and believes it is has enhanced the reputation of the Club around the world.

Arsenal took part in promotional activities, training sessions and matches in Indonesia, Vietnam and Japan and received a fantastic reception in each country.

Wenger's side also won all four of their matches in the Far East, leaving the manager delighted with how the trip has gone.

"Everyone played well, and the youngsters who came with us did very well," Wenger told Arsenal Player. "We created plenty of chances in every single game, and that is very positive.

"With our combination play you can see that the players are used to playing together and it is just now a case of going back and recovering well.

"[Off the pitch] it has been unbelievable. When you think of Indonesia, Vietnam and Japan and how popular football - and Arsenal - is around the world, it is a great experience for the players to realise that. The fans are always enthusiastic and in a very positive way. It is a massive surprise to us.

"The targets were [two-fold]: one to have good preparation and two to give a great image of the club. I got congratulations from all the people I know here for the behaviour of the staff and the players. It is a great compliment."

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