Mon, 12 Jul 2010

Soccer Fever Doubles Viewership for Astro

MALAYSIA - The 2010 FIFA World Cup fever on official Pay TV broadcaster Astro saw an increase in viewership of 41% over the World Cup in 2006. Viewership grew from 3.8 million in 2006 to 5.3 million this year. 

The opening match between host country South Africa and Mexico the viewership doubled compared to the opening match in 2006, from 784,000 to 1.377 million viewers, while the highest number of viewership to date is the Argentina and Germany clash with over 1.93 million home viewers. Apart from home viewership numbers, out-of-home viewership also increased by 30%. 

The 2010 FIFA World Cup matches are also available online as well as on mobile phones making it easier for customers to catch the live streaming of the matches on the go via Astro B.player. The B.player is also available online where users log onto the and register to access the B.player application. Astro sports pack customers as well as Maxis customers can enjoy live video streaming of all 64 matches, while other registered users can enjoy free access to 38 matches. This service is only available to Maxis and Hotlink customers with an activated 3G device. 

*All numbers are based on Nielsen Media Research statistics 

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